Creative workshops

I have workshops for both companies as part of their teambuilding and for private groups. According to your wishes I will organise a workshop. One of my workshops which I give on a regular basis is The Collective Work of Colour Improvisation.

The Collective Work of Colour Improvisation

Using art and the power of improvisation as a tool, the aim of this course is to create a good group harmony as part of a teambuilding process. I offer you a new way of working with teambuilding and a new view of creativity. Together, we will paint a large abstract painting. I guide the participants through the creative process and through basic science of colours. We create a lasting piece of art, an abstract portrait of the group. The focal point of this type of workshop is to have fun in a group and let spontaneity and creativeness lead your way

without the pressure of perfectionism. Also, this exercise will aide your creativity in other fields and there are no requirements of knowledge of art nor colour scale. You can choose to have this workshop a whole day or as part of a day. Naturally, the whole day workshop entails a more detailed discussion about the different parts of the creative process in use. The cost of this workshop depends on the number of participants, the length of the workshop and where it will be held. Please note that you own the painting once it is finished. Contact me for more info.