Skapande skola

Skapande skola is a Swedish concept, funded by the Municipality, according to which students of all ages are influenced to express themselves using different types of creativity. My contribution to this concept is the course Creativity through Chaos.

Creativity through Chaos

Having worked with this concept at different schools in Umeå and its vicinity, including Vindeln’s and Nordmaling’s municipalities, I can describe it as a much appreciated project both by students and their teachers.

The students work in groups creating an abstract painting through a process that I would like to call Creativity through Chaos. The finished painting can be used to decorate a classroom or a corridor of the school.

This project offers students a unique opportunity to learn what you can accomplish as a group. Through this playful way of working the students learn the value of having different personalities in a group. Every individual is needed in order to reach an interesting result. The focal point of this type of exercise is to have fun in a group and let spontaneity and creativeness lead your way without the pressure of perfectionism.

This project is suitable to students of all ages and I will adapt my methods depending on the size and the age of the group. I will bring all the material and come to your school. The time frame of this project is three hours and I would like to suggest that the number of participants would not exceed 15. The students will use acrylic colours on a 90 by 140 cm big canvas. Preferably, we can use the Art department of your school.

Please contact me if you are interested so we can discuss how I can adapt the concept of Creativity through Chaos according to your wishes. The cost of this project depends on the number of groups and the location of your school.