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steffe o fredd
Collaboration and Fredrik’s teaser

check out Fredrik Wimmercranz exhibition “Gong”. you have until 19 april. Galleri 13 in Sundsvall.


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“skapande skola” school projekt.


In this one week long school project, I and three ambitious young artists made a wall painting in the school canteen. My young apprentices were Hussein, Niknaz and Disa.

 On our first day together we came up with a theme and we used Niknaz and Disa as models for the characters in the painting. We wanted our painting to inspire to dreams and ambitions.

A very pleasant week’s work!

Thank you Disa, Niknaz and Karrar (Hussein)!


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November Blues

I got the privilege to participate in the culture festival november blues at the university hospital in Umeå.

I held a abstract painting workshop with three awesome kids!

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