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How to stretch a canvas

 Sometimes I have to frame many canvases in a stressfull hurry so I built a tool to help me with that. It was actually pretty easy to make and it works really well.


Just take four planks of the same length and pair them together so you get one on top and one on the bottom. Put something that can grip the canvas between the planks. I used ropes and put them so that they meet like the cogs on a cog-wheel when you put the planks together. Drill a few holes for the wing nuts that will press the planks together. Attach more rope so that you can pull the two plank parts towards eachother and thus stretch the canvas evenly.  Then you can build a frame, weeve a canvas and then paint something if you want to.

Happy love and a jolly Christmas to you all!











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Welcome to my workshop earlier today and tomorrow 11-17


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Here we go again Here we go go go.

A few pictures from the process of making this fall’s project. As you see I’m not painting the canvases that I framed in my last post. Shit happened so now I try again. The next post will come up when I’m framing these canvases with my new invention/tool “The Stretcher”.


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New paintings! This fall’s mission.


I have recently made six big frames that I will paint during this fall. I have made smaller studies for tree of the paintings so I know what theme thay will have. The other three will probably follow the same theme but I am open to whatever may happen during the process. Either all of the paintings will be in the same series or not. I will keep you updated during the making of these paintings. Stay tuned! To be continued…


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“skapande skola” school projekt.


In this one week long school project, I and three ambitious young artists made a wall painting in the school canteen. My young apprentices were Hussein, Niknaz and Disa.

 On our first day together we came up with a theme and we used Niknaz and Disa as models for the characters in the painting. We wanted our painting to inspire to dreams and ambitions.

A very pleasant week’s work!

Thank you Disa, Niknaz and Karrar (Hussein)!


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How to build an easel – crash course
  • Take some wood
  • Saw pieces in lengths you feel are accurate
  • Do some junctions
  • Come up with some smart solutions
  • Make it all fit together in perfect harmony
  • Take it all apart
  • Drill a few holes
  • Make some plugs
  • Add some glue
  • Add the plugs too
  • Put the pieces together, for real this time

Voilà! You have an easel!

Take some paint and make the studio look clean.

Easy as a tiny pancake.


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Moivi in the studio

Last week my friends from the group Moivi, together with Johan Airijoki, visited me in my studio. I have accompanied Moivi on a few gigs, painting live to their kick-ass music. A really nice day in the studio!

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Imagining poetry

One of the projects I’m currently working with is too illustrate a collection of poems by Victor Lindgren. The outcome will be a collaborative traveling exhibition and a book. It’s a interesting projects in many ways because I have to interpret another persons thoughts into something tangible that can support the poems. Now I’m trying to work out a basis so that the imagery/style of the illustrations speak the same language as the poems. Stay tuned for more!


Photography: PJ
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Work in progress

This is a collaboration with Johanna Forsberg slowly coming together. More is coming!

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Work in progress

In the beginning of this summer a couple came in and bought this painting before it was finished. When its finished the astronaut will be picking stars!

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