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hitch-hiking package

Today I sent a package that will hopefully end up in the “musikhjälpen” studio in Malmö. This week Musikhjälpen is fundraising  to help children in slums get access to clean water. Thinking of this theme I decided to contribute by sending them my sculpture “Bottom” from my last exhibition “Dreams”. This sculpture is a capsule that shows polluted water. It is part of an exhibition that circles around mankind’s destructive tendencies.

I didn’t really send the package, I gave it to a train conductor on a train heading south. On the package is a text telling the destination and purpose of the package. With the help of kind-hearted travellers it will hopefully reach its destination on time, and be auctioned for charity. This process and people’s sympathy and commitment will change the sculpture. From a negative symbol of destruction to a positive one, showing that people care and can make a change.

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Timelapse on the Jehovas painting

This is a timelapse of the painting commissioned by the Umeå-based musicgroup Jehovas.

Here is the final painting:

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