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Ta Rygg.

Apan “Ta Rygg” känner sig vilsen och saknar sitt hem, häng på, ta rygg och gör en apa!
Rådhusapan behöver kompisar så deras aptjut hörs ända upp till kommunpolitikerna.
Valfritt material. Hänges med swingavstånd till “Ta Rygg”. Hitta apan på facebook: “Ta Rygg – på Rådhusapan”

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22/3 11-15 Welcome


Tomorrow there will be a lot going on in Olofsfors! Welcome to visit my studio and check out the programme for all the events on the following page:




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DSC05953 - Kopia
The pig

During the Christmas shopping rush a pig vas placed beside the sculpture Standing Man in central Umeå. The seven deadly sins were written on the pig  instead of the pork cuts and there was a message on the Standing Man encouraging us to reflect on our extreme consumption. Hopefully it managed to make some difference before it was removed.

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Moivi in the studio

Last week my friends from the group Moivi, together with Johan Airijoki, visited me in my studio. I have accompanied Moivi on a few gigs, painting live to their kick-ass music. A really nice day in the studio!

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