About Stefan

My name is Stefan Markström and I am working as a professional artist in Olofsfors, south of Umeå, Sweden. My interest for artistic creativity has followed me since my teenage years, starting with graffiti to a broad spectra of expressions in varying materials and thematics. I work with painting, sculpting, and mixed media and am always searching for interesting clashes in aestethics and crafts. In my studio that also consists of a carpentry I examine how shifting materials, wood and tin for example, can add a different dimension to my artwork when they collide – to form new context.

I find my inspiration from raw and unpolished reality, but also from times of different cultures, not least the extreme visual culture we coexist in today. This results in a pictorial diversity where old meets new and where conventional meanings might dissolve. In my works I value the power of the human hand – the brushstrokes on the canvas, the hand that forms the sculptures, the entire process of creating. The emotion of the human handiwork is important in my craft, which I perform close to water and forests in an old building, located in a rural environment. These elements of nature is ever present in my art, which I mix with contrasting themes and motifs. In that way new and interesting contexts are brought forth when the traditional meets the contemporary multicultural zeitgeist. Not seldom do I use both abstract and realism in the same work of art, to experiment with a kind of aspect of absence – the portrait or the motif in the foreground separates from the background which might mediate another dimension. While I constantly strive to further push themes and constellations of pictorial worlds I have a belief in art as communicative and accessible. This I try to give voice to through alluding to different spaces in time and varying stagings from culture.


Production: Bautafilm
Direction & photography: Victor Lindgren & Leopold Nilsson
Idea: Viktor Lindgren & Stefan Markström
Edited by: Thim Riback